Wednesday, July 29, 2009


This song makes me tear up sometimes.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Angular Banjos

Steely Dan is coming to Mud Island!

I just got back from the beach--my shoulders are peeling. They look like dinosaur shoulders--Shouldersaurus. Getting a few pieces together, trying hard to write, raging up a brainstorm for my big metals project. I've been teaching kids at the art camp for two weeks, about to start another two week period.
Up to Iowa at the beginning of August.
Trying not to think about my career and education life after graduation. Or at least think about it without wanting to cry out of frustration. It's nice to be three deep in college and realize that you might have made the wrong choice and as you watch the DOW plummet and the sun continue to rise, you realize you have to keep going and hope that there's a good technical college near you that has a radiology program.

Because I like bones.

I could take home the x-rays people might not want. Maybe?

Experience the wonders of health insurance and vacation days.