Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I Miss You (Whambulance Siren!)

Just threw all my stuff in a truck and moved down to Charleston. Oil spill free beach life, oyster nights, fresh air havin' change.

Looking through some past entries from blogs of interest, I feel crippled. I'm not so productive, or outgoing, or charitable, you know? There's a chance to change that sure, but I feel so far behind. I have millions of things or ideas that I want to do but I don't like working independently to some extent, or at least not in a room alone scratching away. I wanted to turn off for a bit after graduation instead of eating asphalt, dazed and swatting at reality buzzards in that vast, empty desert Fred Burton talked so much about (like I am now). The paranoia has set in, for sure. Can I please make drinks for a while and run food so I feel worth a minimum wage when I get home?

Anyway, this would be much easier if I wasn't alone here.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Old Pendents

Three necklaces from my metals class last semester. I have multiples of the Black Cat and the Gadsden snake, so they're for sale. If interested, hit me up!


Eyeball pendent made of brass, copper and nickle.

black cat

Copper with enamel.


Copper with enamel. (Reworking because I'm not totally satisfied with the color)