Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Red Tiger

So my car is totaled thanks to those lovely Memphis zombies (you know those guys, wandering in the middle of the road despite oncoming traffic and crosswalks) but you know the old man is a real trooper for playing the Christmas show at the HiTone after undergoing a short stay at the Med and some CATscans. Good going, Strangler!

Going to try to be productive, but I'm 98% sure my wisdom teeth are coming out after Christmas, so I'll be cloudy for a bit.

Here's some metal work. Brass Sangre Libre tiger pendant for Nick Ray.

sorry for bad photo quality.

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Brendan L. Spengler aka Teledildonics5000 aka the Brown Recluse said...

I love you for being by my side in the ER. Those croakers had me runnin scared: I wanted to rip that IV out and take off, bare-assed, into the nite. Thank you SO SO much for holding my hand thru that. Im so very sorry about the car, too. If it had been a real zombie movie, they would have eaten our brains. But I rescued your portfolio and brushes and everything else that was left in there.